Payment info:

We accept master card and visa card .  you need make sure your card can do international transaction .also customer name should same card holder name . It will make sure your payment go through , if payment did not go through . please try my website quick payment.
4.Seller shipping goods.

When we receive your payment info, we will call our finance for pick us the money, after our finance pick up the money, will call our shipping manager for shipping out shoes that day, but sometimes jerseys delay 1 day for shipping, so maximum 2 days your jerseys will shipping out. and maximum 3 days will email you the express tracking number.

5.Buyer wait goods.  

After buyer receive the express number, jerseys had sent 1-2days, so need more 3-4 days for wait jerseys arrive your house.so total maximum  7 days jerseys  will arrive you after your payment day.

Online customer service
Online customer service system